Friday, August 10, 2007

I experienced another great week of learning at Cool Tools. I practiced what I learned this time and in June this week. I have a Podomatic page set for school and pre-made videos ready for my broadcast. There is so much I will bring into my classroom that I cannot list it all! Thank you!!


Thank you very a great time. The information that I gathered this week was wonderful. I am very excited about incorporatig these ideas in my classroom. Movie making rocks!

Friday, August 9 - Robin writes:

This was a productive week. The class met my objectives of becoming familiar with currrent educational technology tools. I really would like to be a resource person for teachers. One great thing about this type of class is that we also learn so much from the other participants. Thank you all.
What a great week! I learned so much. Thanks for all the patience and information. I am going away with many things I plan to use in my classroom. Continue offering this course. I can't believe all of the new things that are out that wasn't out when I took Cool Tools 3 years ago. I can't wait to get back to school.

Thank you for all of your help!!!

Thank you for all of your help with the development of the web page, wikis and so much more. I am ready to present at Monday evening's board meeting as well as to the PRMP group. Great week--above and beyond.


I am glad I got so many things done this week. I got more ideas today. I may try putting a blogger on my blackboard course. I think that students like to blog and may want to see each other's. I was glad to hear about the various grants to apply for various technology. I hope to write a couple of them. I believe my teaching could be more effective if I had more technology.

Tracy Seeley

Another great week. I enjoyed learing what others did in class. I wish I had taken this class in June so I would have all summer to work. I am excited to use what I have learned. I will be working for the next few weeks on my movie in Movie Maker. I want to take another class next year. I don't have a web site but would like to learn to make one. Thanks again.